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Nitinol,Titanium and and heat- resisting metal Products manufacturer | solutions provider in China

Who We Are?

As a solutions provider of Nitinol, Titanium and Heat- resisting metal in China, we have dedicated in  development of these alloys complex manufacturing processes and technology for medical & industry applications. With over 20 years of experience of steadily increasing competency in production, we have ability to translate your drawings into physical prototypes in couple of days. Combined with our core competencies of process and techonogy in nitinol, titanium, heat-resisting metal, which enables us to provide a wide range product portfolio of Semi-finished products(such as wires, rods,sheets, tubes ect.)& Finished products(such as springs, lotus flowers,standard parts,arch wire and braces for dental ect. )

What metal products can be provided ?

  • Nitinol with its transformation temperatures ranging from -20°C to 110°C widely used across multiple application areas like industrial fittings,medical devices, robotics, automobile, aerospace and in modelling and any own ideas project.
  • Superelasticity- can bounces back to its original shape after stretching, bending and twisting, commonly used for antennas, eyeglass frames;
  • shape memory properties- can recover its pre-setting shape after heated, commonly used for switches,latches, actuator and automotive;
  • Other ternary and quaternary SMAs ( like NiTiCu,NiTiNb,NiTiFe ) on request;

2. Titanium-titanium electrode  | anode,or any of your own designs products.

3.Tungsten&Molybdeum -Tungsten wire, Mo foil.

See belowed for more about us

Quality Control

ISO,CNAS Quality Management System and stable manufacturing process to support and meet all of our customers’ expectations and requirements. Certified company according to ISO 9001, ASTM F2063-2012, GB24627-2009 with industrial and medical metal materials wholesale permit.

Due to we are fully understand the meanings of founding and maintaining an completed Quality Management System.Products Quality always defined by our customers not by us, no matter in the past,at present or in the future,at every step of what we should pursue is the Quality First.

Manufacturing Facility

Synthetic furnace, wire drawing machine, straightening machine, special muffle furnace and plate rolling mill, wire mill.

Manufacturing Process

Over years of market experience, the company founded in late 1990s, has around 50 employees and specializes in the production of semi-finished and components formed nickel titanium shape memory alloy(SMA), Titanium anode and tungsten wire | molybdenum | Mo foil from synthetic forging, rolling, drawing, grinding, polishing, electrical discharge machining, laser processing and application of closed loop product processing.

Cooperation Partner

Domestic–Based on the excellent hardware and software conditions (especially from metal elements to memory alloy plate, rod, wire, tube closed-loop processing technology) and control performance of materials, we have become the material experiment lab for more than 20 universities and research institutes in China. Meanwhile, it has become the designated production enterprise of many military industries and aerospace research institutes.

Oversea–Abroad customers are from United States, Germany, Britain, Japan, South Korea, many of them have their own design, we all support any of your innovatived engineeer drawing from communication products, temperature control valves ect.

Quality Control

From choice of raw material to the synthesis process is under the three-level vacuum of 10-2Pa, and the emission of vacuum equipment is less than a cigarette by our special filtration system. In the follow processing , the strict filtration system has been adopted to realize the production of dust without emission.