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Nitinol,Titanium and and heat- resisting metal Products manufacturer | solutions provider in China

Who We Are?

As a solutions provide of Nitinol,Titanium and heat- resisting metal in China,we have dedicated in  development of these alloys complex manufacturing processes and technology for medical & industry applications. With over 20 years of experience of steadily increasing competency in production, we have ability to translate your drawings into physical prototypes in couple of days. Combined with our core competencies of process and techonogy in nitinol, which enables us to provide a wide range of Semi-finished products(such as wires, rods,sheets, tubes ect.)& Finished products(such as springs, lotus flowers,standard parts,arch wire and braces for dental ect. )

What metal products can be provided ?

  1. Nitinol–superelastic or shape memory, and other ternary and quaternary SMAs on request

2. Titanium—screws, nuts, washes, pins, fittings, or any of your own desgign

3.Tungsten&Molybdenum with heat-resisting metal –wire,foil,sheet,pipe

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