Nitinol | Nickle titanium alloy wire | strip

As one of the most common uses for Nitinol, both the straight annealed and cold worked (as-drawn) states are available

Due to nitino’ shape memory effect and super-elastic properties, it can get amazing many innovative solutions. A TED video will tell you more informations about this new and amazing material

Wire shape

1.Flat wire, such as women’ bra rims

2.Round wire, such as arch wire, fishing wire, Chinese acupuncture needle wire(Diameter 1.2mm is the best one)

Available Diameter(mm)

Min | Max

0.015mm | 20mm

Nitinol Muscle Wire :to show how a small piece of muscle wire shortens on length and pulls, when electricity is given. A small weight is added to the circuit to showcase the lift on shortening and to help the wire extend again on cooling.


1.Expansion rate can be controlled about 3.7%

2.Fatigue times level up tp 105


  1. Classify from reaction speed after heated

a. Quick driving

b. Flash driving

2. Classify as temperature phase transition range

a. Normal temperature 75-85°C

b. High temperature 95-110°C

Available Diameter(mm)

Min | Max

0.025mm | 3mm

Surface process method

  1. Black oxide
  2. Oxide free (chemical etch)
  3. Oxide free polished (chem etch + mechanical polish)