Certificate of nitinol material

Conducting standardASTM F2063-2006 GB/T24627Part No.RNGT-0722
Chemical Composition
Physical PropertiesMelting Point1310Density6.5 g/cm3
Mechanical Properties  
Elecrical ResistivityAustenite82 x10⁶ ΩcmMartensite76 x10⁶ Ωcm
 Elasticity modulusMartensite28-41 GPaAustenite75 – 83 GPa
 Hardness Martensite180-200 HvAustenite200-350 Hv
Tensile strengthAnnealing850 MPaProcessing1900 MPa
Yield strengthMartensite195 – 690 MPaAustenite70 – 140 MPa
Magnetic susceptibilityMartensite3.7 x10⁶ emu/ gAustenite2.4 x10⁶ emu / g
Magnetic permeability< 1.002Af tempraturenegative 10 ℃to 110 ℃
Total ElongationAnnealing25-50%Processing5-10%
Thermal expansivityMartensite11 x10⁶/ oCAustenite6.6 x10⁶/ oC
Heating conductingMartensite0.18 W / cmoCAustenite0.086 W / cmoC
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