Seven big Features of nitinol

1.shape memory feature a heating change process. a certain shape parent phase cool from Af to Mf,then heating it from Mf to Af, which shall remain it original shape

2. Superelastic don’t comply with Hooke’s Law, which can show stronger strength than other material

3. Sensitive at intraoral environment as Arch wire for tooth orthodontics, it can speed tooth movement and repair the damage tissue. Therefore these repaired tissue will get efficient nutrition and keep its vigor and normal function when tooth were moved. This material also control and measure orthodontics strength

4. Nitinol wire’s corrosion resistance is similar with stainless steel wire’s

5.Anti-toxic ,nitinol ‘s surface is covered with TiXOy as a protect layer could have good biocompatible

6.nice orthodontics strength do fit in arch wire and last stable strength

7.Good damping