Nitinol Devices for Brain Surgery

Nitinol | SMA (shape memory alloy) for medical devices


  • high biological compatibility, corrosion resistance and shape memory
  • super elastic but no broken
  • slow expansion below body temperature
  • creates gentle radial force
  • decrease in foreign body sensation after placement
  • atraumatic stent ending

More and more Medical devices are made of nitinol (SMA) shape memory alloys, items list:

  • nitinol artificial heart valves, nitinol stent (for drainage / treatment of strictures in the Bile Duct) ;
  • nitinol spine orthodontic fixators,nitinol bone plates, nitinol artificial joints, nitinol skull repair, nitinol plastic surgery, nitinol jaw repair;
  • nitinol dental orthopedics, nitinol arch wire, nitinol tooth brackets;
  • nitinol guide wire (equipped with a flexible to highly flexible plastic tip (straight or curved) and a colored plastic coating) ;
  • nitinol memory stone extraction basket

Any innovative ideas can be transformed into useful medical solutions.