Muscle wire | actuator wire

Nitinol actuator wire | muscle wire

Muscle wire also called actuator wire, memory metal, memory alloy, smart wire, smart alloy, it is made of nickel titanium shape memory alloys . These small diameter wires can contract and flex like human muscles ( generally change 2% to 4% of its length) by applying a specific amount of  electrical current or other means of heat to achieve a phase transformation.

Learning the benefits

Nitinol’s unique properties allow it to perform a surprising amount of work for its size. This means that actuator wire is smaller, lighter, quieter, and can be longer-lasting than more traditional actuators. Additionally, you can choose to have your actuator wire arrive in cut lengths or on a spool for easier processing.

Typical application

It often used in industries with small spaces and where lightweight devices are required, such as:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Active textiles
  • Consumer electronics


  • Expansion rate can be controlled about 3.7%
  • Fatigue times level up to 105


  • Classify base on reaction speed after heated

a. Quick actuation

b. Flash actuation

  • Classify base on Af temperature phase transition range

a. Normal temperature 75-85°C

b. High temperature 95-110°C

Available Diameter(mm)

Min | Max

0.025mm | 3mm


  • Black oxide (with dark oxide layer)
  • Pickled ( chemical removal of oxide layer along with a slight amount of base metal – surface will have a rough texture )
  • Etched ( chemical removal of oxide layer – will maintain smooth surface )
  • Mechanical polish ( surface will have stainless steel appearance although at > 40x magnification micro scratches are present )