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nitinol sma wire

Nitinol is a type of metal alloy that is associated with superelasticity, which is able to

withstand extreme stress without changing its shape due to its elastic properties.This

is a super elastic alloy that can be strained up to eight times more than ordinary spring

steel without permanent deformation.



Recomended diameter

0.5mm is perfect for small robotic actuator and model making

1mm wire is good for demonstration and can lift several pounds ( if employing linear stretch);

2mm wire can do some damage. It will jump out of a cup of hot water and even break glass beakers in the process;

Super-elastic properties

it can get amazing many innovative solutions

Fourth Feature

Its specific (weight-related) performance significantly exceeds those of electric

motors. The heating is carried out by electrical current. There are also many interesting ideas, the material can be used as a heat engine or

as a complete control circuit (sensor, regulator, actuator) in thermally switching valves.