What are the most popular applications of Nitinol(SMA)?

What are the most popular applications of Nitinol(SMA)? Nitinol shape memory alloys have been widely used: A.Industrial B.Aerospace C.Medical D.Toys E.Training Aids F.Automatic control science and other several of enterprises at home and abroad.However, since the increasing performance requirements and size restrictions, here we need to develop high stiffness nickle and titanium shape memory alloys.

nitinol antenna

This antenna was made of nitinol, which is messy circles when it under low temperature, but it will recover and keep its memory original shape after the antenna was heated.


Nitinol alloy might be used coupling, biomedical and medical, toys and novel items, brake, heat engine, transducer, low temperature active model and inter slot, lifting equipment.

Seven Features

1.shape memory feature a heating change process. a certain shape parent phase cool from Af to Mf,then heating it from Mf to Af, which shall remain it original shape. 2. Superelastic don’t comply with Hooke’s Law, which can show stronger strength than other material. 3. Sensitive at intraoral environment as Arch wire for tooth orthodontics,…

Physical properties

Following information are from standard nitinol: 76 x10 6Ωcm (martensite) Heating conducting:0.18 W / cmoC(austenite) 0.086 W / cmoC (martensite) Thermal expansivity:11 x10 6 / oC (austenite) 6.6 x10 6 / oC (martensite) Magnetic permeability :< 1.002 Magnetic susceptibility: 3.7 x10 6 emu / g(austenite) 2.4 x10 6 emu / g(martensite) Elasticity modulus: 75 –…